Although SEO isn’t that hard when you already know what works SEO wise, if you’re starting out for the very first time and don’t have a clue what to do take a good look at WordPress which is a Content Management System (CMS) originally designed as a blog platform, but with minor alterations is perfect as a general SEO CMS (WordPress is free which is always nice :)). With recent WordPress updates (WordPress 3.3 for example) it’s becoming more an more like a general CMS than a blogging platform.

When I first got into search engine optimization (SEO) almost a decade ago, content management systems were no where near as developed as they are today, first time I tried to install WordPress I couldn’t get it working, (gave up and tried again several updates later successfully!) but installing WordPress 3.* today can be achieved in under 5 minutes (it is so easy).

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO
Even setting up WordPress in the very best SEO format takes me minutes turning a new site from SEO 0% to SEO 75%+ just by installing WordPress and making a few easy options changes. This sort of on page search engine optimization could cost you thousands of dollars when paying an SEO company and quite frankly most SEO companies won’t come anywhere near as good as WordPress is SEO wise!

Yes, you can install WordPress and achieve 75%+ on page search engine optimization without even knowing what you are really doing (WordPress is that good as an SEO CMS).

I use WordPress on as many sites as possible because it offers a lot of features that saves time, with a few select WordPress SEO plugins and the Best WordPress SEO Theme you can approach 100% SEO quite easily.

Although you can use WordPress completely free, including hosting at I strongly advise registering your own domains and hosting plans. You can register domains from Godaddy for example for under $10 a year and there’s plenty of cheap hosting plans out there that can handle WordPress fine (you can easily run a WordPress based website for less than $100 a year).

With WordPress free hosting you are limited in what plugins you can use and you can’t install custom themes like the Best WordPress SEO themes I make which helps add that extra 25% SEO so much easier and makes monetizing your site with AdSense a minor chore rather than a big coding headache!

WordPress isn’t for every site, although there are ecommerce plugins available they are not easy to use, if you plan to sell lots of products (run an online store) WordPress can’t do that well. When it comes to information sites there is no better choice from an SEO CMS perspective than WordPress.

See my WordPress SEO Tutorial on how to set WordPress options for almost perfect WordPress SEO optimization and why the WordPress SEO themes I sell like the Stallion SEO Theme will take a 75% SEO’d out the box WordPress site to as close as you can get to 100% SEO’d with a CMS.

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